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Settled title to every land


Creation of an advanced land management system in Sri Lanka by confirming title to every block of land on deciding the ownership of state land and private land through the procedure of registration of land settlement and title to such land.


  1. To decide on state and private land ownership under the Lank Settlement Ordinance No. 20 of A31.
  2. Under the Registration of the Act No. 21 of 1998, creating awareness among state officers and communities, property investigations, investigations of documents available in the Land Registry , Calling applications for title claims, investigation into title, recommendation, approval  and taking decisions on title and publication of such decisions in the Government Gazette.
  3. Investigations into title claims by strengthening institutional capacity, taking decisions on them and performance of land settlement activities efficiently and effectively.
  4. Increasing the efficiency of registration of title by means of running title investigation offices at regional level which function property.
  5. Taking action to seek public cooperation and to win public confidence in all the instances of title investigations and decision taking.
  6. Development and maintenance of an efficient and reliable information system on land ownership.
  7. Maintenance of efficient administrative and accounting systems


Title Registration Act No. 21 of 1998 has authorized to carry out necessary investigations for issuing title certificates with government responsibility for all blocks of land in Sri Lanka (Vide Title Registration Act No. 21 of 1998)

Implementation of Title Registration provision of Act no. 21 of 1998. (Vide extraordinary  gazette No. 1050/10 of 24.10.1998)

Departmental Functions

  1. Implementation of land settlement work under the Lank Settlement Ordinance No.20 of 1931.
    • Declaration of village areas where settlement work is to be carried out.
    • Conducting inheritance examinations of land settlement.
    • Sending particulars of settled lands for surveying and partitioning.
    • Publication of settlement orders in the gazette.
    • Release of villages on completion of land settlement.
  2. Taking action to register title under the Title Registration Act No. 21 of 1998.
    • Creating awareness among officers and the community.
    • Investigations into particulars of property
    • Combined field investigations.
    • Examination of documents available in Land Registry (folio examination)
    • Publication of notices under Section 12 of the Act calling applications for title.
    • Giving recommendation and approval after checking the title
    • Publication of title decisions in the gazette.
    • Submission of title decisions to Registrar of Lands and other persons and institutions concerned.

General Functions

  1. Coordination with other organizations concerned in the matters of title investigations, decision making and land settlement work.
  2. Training of staff for efficient performance of duties and making available other resource needs duly identified.
  3. Preparation of performance indicators for title investigations, decision making work and land settlement work and supervision of  performance.
  4. Furnishing reports to the Ministry monthly on the progress of title investigations, decision making work and the land settlement work.
  5. Maintenance of an efficient document conservation system for conservation ancient and valuable documents related to the land settlement.
  6. Holding awareness meetings, discussions and workshops for promoting the knowledge of the public on registration of title and gaining public cooperation for such work.
  7. Maintenance of staff in divisional officers and making available necessary resources to them and thereby to facilitate fulfillment of public needs.
  8. Preparation of annual estimates, appropriation accounts estimate accounts of public officers and monthly summaries.