Our Vision

A settled Title for every land

Our Mission

To contribute to establish an improved Land Management System in Sri Lanka through the process of Land Settlement and Title Registration that determines the ownership of state owned and private lands and confirm the title of every land parcel

Our Aims

  • To decide on state and private land ownership under the Lank Settlement Ordinance No. 20 of A31.
  • Under the Registration of the Act No. 21 of 1998, creating awareness among state officers and communities, property investigations, investigations of documents available in the Land Registry , Calling applications for title claims, investigation into title, recommendation, approval and taking decisions on title and publication of such decisions in the Government Gazette.
  • Investigations into title claims by strengthening institutional capacity, taking decisions on them and performance of land settlement activities efficiently and effectively.
  • Increasing the efficiency of registration of title by means of running title investigation offices at regional level which function property.
  • Taking action to seek public cooperation and to win public confidence in all the instances of title investigations and decision taking.
  • Development and maintenance of an efficient and reliable information system on land ownership.
  • Maintenance of efficient administrative and accounting systems