It is necessary to maintain the Land management in world recognized standards as well as in education, health, transportation, communication, and immigration emigration activities within the countries move forward together in technologically, economically and socially. One objective of the Bimsaviya Program is to provide you with a world recognized Title Certificate to your land. If you expect to invest your land in a foreign investment, thereby you can easily confirm the probity of the land. Then Sri Lanka will be highly recognized in the world as a suitable country for investment. Therefore it is our duty to support the Bimsaviya Program.

Land is a precious resource as it comprises only one third of the world surface. Out of that a very limited area of land can be used for human activities. Even out of that significant amounts of land hold a value. Most of the people cannot get a use out of their lands as they cannot mortgage the land to a bank to obtain a loan or cannot sell for a reasonable price and therefore they have to keep their deeds only without any use since they don’t have a settled title or a plan for their lands. Bimsaviya Program is a gigantic program implemented with an objective to settle the entire land dispute in order to give the real value for all lands.

The registration is carried out according to the Documentary Ordinance No.08 of 1863 under the traditional deed method existed in our country at present and only a registration for the transaction of the land occurred in that method. The main weakness of this method is to failure to register the title of the said land of the land owner. Similarly, the land extent and the boundaries described in the deed could not be certified so as to exist accurately in the earth. As a result of such weaknesses, fraudulent activities such as registration of several deeds for the same land, preparation of bogus deeds are occurred.


The “Bimsaviya Programme” is implemented to the public to introduce a document for the declaration of the ownership of a land under Title Registration Act, No.21 of 1998 and  all the weaknesses in the said traditional deed method are  corrected by this method.

In this method, surveying of lands and preparing survey plans , checking old ownership more than 30 years are done under the government responsibilities and the title is registered with the name of the owner. Therefore, actually the accurate ownership is granted for you through the “Bimsaviya”. Since the country recognizes the credibility it provides, it is also very easy to utilize it as a surety for obtaining a housing or business loan facility and in leasing. Further, the ownership of the land can also be verified using the identification number given with the title certificate. Hence, your continued support should be extended to this program which will benefit to the lives of Sri Lankans ensuring their title to the lands. 

Bimsawiya program which is introduced to maintain the land management aligning with modern world is already being implemented successfully in several parts of the country.

After informing the land owners at Grama Niladhari Divisional level to participate for an awareness program, with a prior notice, surveying will be done by the investigation officers of this department and the survey officers with the participation of the land owners. Finally the title certificate will be issued with the full assurance of the government.