Yes, you can get advice on “Bim Sawiya” program or any issue related to land. 


Thereafter, Grama Niladhari will issue a form for each land to obtain basic information of lands. This form contains some basic particulars that are very important for collecting the information of lands. It is important that the information you provide in this form is true and accurate. This form should be filled correctly with the assistance of Grama Niladhari if needed, and returned. 


After examining the information provided in the form, land will be classified. This classification determines how much information of the land is needed. Accordingly, our officers will be investigating the title of the land. In such cases, all the details of the land including deeds should be given to the Title Investigation Officers. Then surveyors will come to your land to conduct a survey. They will look at the boundaries and prepare a sketch of the land. If it is correct and the boundaries are clear and agreeable, those who have/have not clear documents should show the boundaries and the land should be included in the village map. 


If the boundary issue cannot be resolved, two-day’s time will be given to discuss and resolve the issue. Officers of   “Bim Sawiya” program will attend to their work. Once the problem will be settled, they will take necessary actions regarding the land. 


They can. The next step of this program is to direct this issue to the conciliation board of the village. If that is not the solution you can forward your matter to the court. You can obtain a title certificate if either these issues are resolved. The best way is to discuss and resolve the issue and then get a title certificate. 


We inform the relevant land owner in advance as they must be on the property by that date. However, if there is no way out, land owner must authorize an elder by a letter to remain on the property on that date. If they failed to do so, the officer will give them another date. They are given a date and a time if the land owners are unable to appear on these three times. Then, it becomes impossible to continue with the remaining work of the land at this time. They may lose the opportunity for a free survey and obtaining a free title certificate. 


Mainly, the deed and the documents to prove the title of the land should be ready. Also, the signature must be put for the agreement of boundaries. 


It would be easier if the land owners were here to point out the boundaries and give information. Or else, a responsible person should be there with an authorized letter.

In this case the owner of the land may be replaced by someone else in the family by providing an authorized letter (Power of attorney).It can be received by post. 

With this information, the surveyors will survey the lands of the village   and prepare the cadastral maps. Meanwhile, the investigation officers will visit Land Registry and other places and prepare schedules related to land title. Finally, the village map and the title schedule will be published in the gazette.