No, then the public is informed to submit claims to the land. This is made public by the government gazette notification. This is to find out about anybody who failed to make a claim. One month period will be given for this purpose. Then the determination regarding the ownership of land will be taken. If any objection is made by someone regarding the land, a decision will be taken again after a public inquiry. That decision will be made public. If any person who does not agree with that decision has the opportunity to object. 

Title Determination is published by a Government Gazette. If no claim arises, then the title is registered under the name of the owner. Then a Title Certificate is issued to the owner.   Title Certificate is valid more than a deed. It is similar to an Identity Card issued for a person.


Yes. There is no any barrier to perform any business activities regarding the land. However if any action is performed (sale/ mortgage) after the investigation of land, it is better to inform the relevant regional office. Until the Title Certificate relevant to the land receives, deed can be used for such activities

Once the land owner receives the Title Certificate, requirement for the deed is less. Then that land possesses a Title Certificate with government responsibility other than a deed.


If they can prove the residence, if the right for the title can be presented for the inherited land, even though the deed is not available, they can claim for that land. The Commissioner of Title Registration can get a correct decision regarding the ownership if no any discrepancies rose.


If there is a legal case regarding the land nothing can be done until the case is over and Court’s decision is received. That is the general Law of the country. However that land dispute is minor which can be solved by the two parties, Title Certificate can be issued to the land depicted by the deed after solving that dispute. If two parties wish they can withdraw the case and obtain the Title Certificate for relevant land. 


This is not a difficult task. At the first step two parties have to discuss and come to a conclusion regarding boundaries, or they can come to an agreement before a Mediation Board. We are ready to help you to solve these disputes. 


Even though the present claimants for the land don’t have a deed under their names, if the first owners have a deed, a Title Certificate can be obtained by following the instruction of officers.


There is a great difference between a deed and a Title Certificate. Even though a deed is available, when do businesses regarding those lands, as you know it is a must to obtain a Title Report. Document registration method (Deed) can register an activity performed between two or few persons. However by the Title Registration method your lands as well as your rights can be registered. Even though you have a clean deed today, problems in the right can be arisen in future due to the weaknesses of this method. 


This is an instant where the land owner is dead and his property is possessed by his inheritors. Here if the father is dead, one half of his immovable property will be inherited to the mother and the other half should be shared within his children. It is the common of law of this country regarding property. Accordingly all the claimants will be called upon by the Commissioner of Title Settlement and the title will be determined after a public investigation as stated earlier. Title will be determined by the investigation held by land Registries and the claims submitted. Also if the land owner has prepared a Last Will before he died then his property will be handled according to the Last Will.